about and contact

The Haloscope Review is a new online literary journal devoted to the voices and experimental proclivities of young creatives. Started in July 2019 as an offshoot of Haloscope's main literary sector, The Haloscope Review shares the site's core tenets: unity, community, and liberation through the arts. 

The Haloscope Review publishes new written work (e.g. poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, other essay work, et cetera) on a rolling basis. In lieu of a reading period, we designate monthly themes and calls for our bi-annual print edition as well as our annual anthology. Moreover, we sponsor annual writing awards (the Haloscope Gold picks); a seasonal reading series; a blog of reviews, essays, and writing guides from our readers and contributors; so on and so forth. 

The journal was founded in 2019 by Haloscope Editor-in-Chief and CEO Savannah Bradley and is ran by Literary Editor Modesty Sanchez, as well as a team of volunteer readers and contributors. We're looking for writing that is reflexive, elliptical, authentic, experimental, vulnerable, paradoxical, and brazen. Send us writing that challenges us.

For submissions or questions about the journal, please contact Modesty at thehaloscopereview@gmail.com. For administrative concerns or questions regarding the whole of Haloscope, contact Savannah at s.eden.bradley@gmail.com. To apply to be a part of our staff, please visit Haloscope's main Apply page.