Are positions and/or submissions paid?

A fair question. As of right now, submissions and

positions are unfortunately unpaid, as we are populated by a volunteer staff. However, donations to the main Haloscope Patreon or PayPal will help keep us afloat so we're able to pay contributors in the future.

How can I apply to be a staff member?

Please visit the main Haloscope application page for more information. We take applications on a rolling basis, meaning you're free to apply any time.

What don't you publish?

We believe wholeheartedly that written work can dissect hard-to-stomach issues without being hard-to-stomach in and of itself. For example, there is a key difference between a character espousing problematic rhetoric than a piece being problematic as a whole. That being said, we do not publish work that is Islamophobic, transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, colonialist, so on and so forth. We ask that pieces involving violence and/or assault be prefaced with a warning and not designed for pure shock value.


We cap off our fiction word limit at 5000 words and our poetry limit (1-6 poems) at 3 pages per poem, although this is flexible based on the quality of the work in question. Just don't send us your novel.

Is there an age limit on submissions?

By and for young creatives is a pretty flexible maxim. Akin to Haloscope, we usually take submissions from anyone in the 14-32 range but do consider work from anyone younger or older. So, short answer: not really. 

Is there a reading fee?

No reading fee here. Upon your submission, however, you may submit with a pay-as-you-wish reading fee that goes directly towards keeping THR afloat. Additionally, we periodically offer paid bonuses with submissions (e.g. comments, suggestions, and personalized advice from our staff in re your work) with all proceeds going directly to aid, such as The Yellowhammer Fund. 

I'm a writer currently doing press and want to do a reading or an interview. What to do?

We love conducting interviews! Please contact Savannah at s.eden.bradley@gmail.com for more information. If you'd like to submit your work to our Calls for Interviews and Reviews list, please email thehaloscopereview@gmail.com.

What do you look for in a story? Any certain elements?

We chiefly look for work that flows well, feels genuine, introduces literary elements in an organic way, and are on the whole enjoyable to read. Since we're a new journal, we don't have an in-house style we'd like pieces to conform themselves to; so don't feel like you have to make your fiction terse or your poetry overtly lyrical. Above all else, we enjoy work that makes us think.

My piece(s) didn't make the cut. What gives?

Do I need to wait until an announced reading period to submit?

We've eschewed the modern reading period here at THR. We publish continually and instead ask for work that follows Haloscope's main theme for the month. Past HS themes have included Never Going Home, Concrete Jungle, Magic, et cetera. Your work isn't required to follow the theme, but we encourage potential submitters to consider it a building block for their work. So submit away! Our only stipulation is that you don't submit more than three times a month. We want your work, just not your whole portfolio.

It can be a lot of factors: poor editing/grammar, lack of narrative sense, or, simply, it didn't feel like the best version of itself possible. For submitters interested in feedback from our readers, we offer a $10 fee for personalized comments that either goes directly towards keeping the site afloat or periodical aid projects. We do ask that you continue to submit again, even if it's an edited version of a previous submission. We don't believe in weak writers, just the occasional weak piece.

What should I include in my cover letter?

We'd like a cover letter with a brief third-person biography (a paragraph or so). You're free to attach a resume/CV or a few paragraphs regarding the piece itself, but it's not required. 

Do you use Submittable? 

We'd love for you to be able to see your work In-Progress and organize your submissions, but Submittable is $1200/month and we're broke college students. In the future, though!

Should submissions be in a certain format?

We ask that all files are shared as .pdfs or Google Docs/Drive links so they can be opened by anyone. Please keep in mind that .pdfs affect formatting, so double-check what your .pdf looks like when it's opened before submitting. Submissions don't have to be double-spaced or in a certain font, but if you'd like to get a feel for what it would look like on the site, we use the font Karla.