NOTE: If you're looking to join our staff rather than submit a sole piece, please visit our Apply page.


We're on the lookout for creative and original content that fits within Haloscope's overall mission; we appreciate artistic content in all forms and mediums. All submissions must be original and unpublished (not published print and online- excluding social media platforms). We do not condone plagiarism of any kind. All submissions will be considered for placement within our platform and our team here at HS reserve all the rights to their selection, including to accept or deny any submissions that may come our way. We look forward to seeing what ideas you have in mind. 


Due to the fact that we receive a surplus of submissions, we may only respond to the e-mails that follow our guidelines: Haloscope takes submissions from anybody at least 13 years old and older (legal stuff). Again, please include your name, age, location (optional), and pronouns (optional) with your submission. We typically strive for submissions by young adults (think the 16-26 range) but do consider work submitted by anyone younger or older.


All content submitted to Haloscope for online and print must be copyright free. The contributor must be the original copyright holder and all parties that are involved in the submission (including the contributor, models, and any other featured individuals) must agree to grant Haloscope the right to publish your work on our platform. If any submission(s) are involved in any copyright entanglement stated above, your eligibility will immediately be revoked and you will be held responsible for any legal consequences under all circumstances regardless of Haloscope’s awareness. 

If you have any further questions or would like to reach our community coordinator directly, please contact


We accept pitches for articles, essays, interviews, profiles, cultural comments, op-eds, stories, listicles, event coverage, and features; we do not accept interviews unofficially made on behalf of Haloscope unless they're pitched to us first. We do not publish previously published work.

You may send us rough drafts of pieces, but we largely prefer a detailed pitch over physical text. There is no hard-and-fast word count for articles. We live by four words: the longer, the better. If things need to be shortened/lengthened, we'll work with you to get your piece where it needs to be. 


Short stories and poetry must be no longer than 10 pages in length. Please do not submit more than 3 poems or short stories at a time.


We accept photo journals, tour or film diaries, editorial lookbooks, conceptual shoots, et cetera- the sky's the limit. We do not accept shoots unofficially made on behalf of Haloscope unless they're pitched to us first.

If approved, we reserve the right to ask for documentation and/or a consent form from all models, set dressers, and editors (if applicable). 


We accept music submissions ranging from track premieres on Bandcamp/Soundcloud/insert-music-site-here all the way to music videos themselves.​


If you would like HS to premiere your band's track, please let us know sooner rather than later in order so we can plan our article a few weeks in advance. If you would like to be interviewed, please email us for more information.


We accept vlogs, music videos, short films, think-pieces, tutorials, et cetera. Videos should be anywhere from 30 seconds to a max of 15 minutes; this doesn't apply to short films, as they can go over the allotted time limit. 


Not all pieces fit traditional categories— and that's okay.  Feel free to pitch your ideas at haloscopemag@gmail.com with "Other Pitch" in the subject line, along with a cover letter and CV/resumé if applicable.