Welcome to 002: the MANEATER issue.

We're talking about the nexus between sexuality and the Internet through a feminist lens — whether that's the rise of OnlyFans as an outlet for digital sex work, or what it means to be your own voyeur online, or, more broadly, the reclaiming of female sexuality in a digital, boundless landscape. It's Jennifer's Body, it's — for better or for worse — sex influencers, it's the art of Signe Pierce, it's everything and anything you want it to be. 

We have interviews with the originator of the TikTok Bimbo movement, Vixenesha, and a SURPRISE cover star. 😈

Come build it with us. Out April 1st.


Before anything else, check out our Submit page for our additional guidelines.

As always, we're looking for articles, essays, interviews, opinion pieces, profiles, cultural comments (opinion pieces on a current event), listicles, reviews, photography, art, poetry, short stories, videos, and anything else that can't be defined by a traditional label.

For written content, we prefer pitched work (i.e., pitch us an idea!) to already-written work; however, you can submit already-written work if you want — it's your prerogative. 

We do not accept previously published work.

All submissions are due before APRIL 1ST, 2020.  


Visually, we’re looking for reds, blacks, deep pinks, and the colors and sensory images you see when you close your eyes during sex.

All pitches and submissions need to be sent to haloscopemag@gmail.com with the subject line "MANEATER ISSUE / (title of piece) / (type of piece)." In the body of the email, make sure to add your name, location, and anything else pertinent about the piece (whether that's a pitch or about your submission).

Email all questions to haloscopemag@gmail.com